Milling: Manual to 5 Axis CNC

From our Bridgeport mills to our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) 5-axis machining centers, we can handle milling requirements to the most rigid of tolerances.

Turning: Tool Room Lathes to CNC

With a range from 20 inch diameter and 70 inches long, to small intricate parts, we can turn items to exacting tool room tolerances in a wide range of materials.

Surface grinding, Inside Diameter, and Outside Diameter:

Superior's large capacity grinding centers allow us to finish parts other shops have to turn down.

Our Swiss machines allow us to finish products to rigorous specifications and extremely close tolerances.

Quality Assurance:

From receiving and  raw material inspection and testing; to final product inspection, every part is checked toward our goal of zero-defect quality.  Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2015,  but more importantly, quality builds our reputation for satisfied customers.

Superior Metal Products utilizes the latest in electronic quality inspection equipment such as: Optical Comparator, Electronic Gauging and our 3 Coordinate Measuring Machines.